Mission Statement

To provide a learning experience for my students that is fun, and vibrant. My intent is to inspire and encourage my students to bring their passion, excellence, and dedication not only to the art of playing music but to the unique dreams they choose to pursue in their lives.”

— Miss Kristina

Meet Miss Kristina AKA "Miss Kris"


My name is Kristina Malijewski. I am an enthusiastic piano teacher who loves her students and loves to teach!

Having served families of the San Fernando Valley for 15+ years, I feel that the best way to inspire a love for playing the piano is through example, encouragement, and FUN!

I began lessons when I was 7 years old, and continued until I was 18. Following those formative years of classical training, I graduated with honors from The Musician's Institute (The Keyboard Institute Of Technology), which informed my education in Pop,  Jazz, Composition, and Songwriting.

During some of those years, I vividly recall some instructors who just didn't seem to be inspired... and therefore, failed to reach me. In contrast, the great teachers had such an impact- because they were actively engaged in their own journey with piano, and enjoyed sharing their expertise. 

One of my deepest passions lies in being one of the inspiring music teachers of the world, fostering a life-long relationship with the art of playing the piano. I hope to be a light in your life, and a source of enrichment for you and your family.  -Miss Kristina



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