Pricing & Policy



 30 min lessons provided exclusively online via Zoom or FaceTime 

$40 per lesson @ 1 lesson per week *billed on a monthly basis 

 $160 in a 4-week month

 $200 in a 5-week month 


20 min FaceTime booster lesson:

$20 min per lesson/As needed

*A great practice booster!


*Lessons are billed on a monthly basis. Payments accepted via check, cash, Venmo or PayPal.


Referral Discounts

You will receive $20 off for every referral. Thank you:)




Please provide 24 hours notice prior to cancellation 


A make-up lesson will be provided if cancellation is made with 24 hours notice, or in case of sudden illness   

*A make-up lesson will not be provided for no-shows or last minute, non-emergency cancellations.  




Recitals are held annually. Though strongly recommended, participation is not required. Students choose the music they wish to perform and are well prepared for their performance day. A reception follows each recital, with refreshments for all and special gift bags for students. Recitals are a lovely tradition for many, and they provide an opportunity to hear and meet their piano playing peers. Extended family and friends are encouraged to attend.   




  An acoustic piano is ideal for students of all levels and ages, but a keyboard (preferably weighted or semi-weighted) will suffice for the first few years of lessons. I am happy to recommend affordable keyboards, acoustic pianos, and piano tuners, so don't hesitate to ask.



Practice Tips 


The best way to gain momentum is to start practicing the day after your lesson while the information is fresh. The brain works on new information while we sleep, and engage in other tasks. Therefore, daily practice is more effective than practicing on a few days only - "in bulk." Cramming does not integrate skill into the long term memory. Steady, daily practice does!




Book Your Complimentary Lesson With Miss Kristina 

Enjoy your first piano lesson with Miss Kristina FREE of charge!  

 * Note: Offer is available for first-time students only. Enjoy your complimentary 30-minute lesson in my home (exclusively), located in Encino, Ca.  Simply fill out the form below, and I will get back to you within 24 hours. I look forward to meeting you!