Best Piano Lessons in Santa Monica


"I can't say enough wonderful things about Kristina! Kristina has been coming to my home giving my son lessons for less than a year and my son has made amazing progress.  My son, age 11,  who is easily distracted loves his lessons. He actually wants to practice and learn! A huge change in his usual study habits. Kristina has amazing patience and has a great way about her that encourages my child as well as holds him accountable for practicing. If she has an opening, grab it before it's gone!" 

-Lynn Gruzen 

Studio City


"Miss Kristina is a magical piano teacher for all ages.  She has an amazing ability to make difficult musical concepts accessible to kids of all ages.  My ten year old boy and six year old girl both love taking lessons with Miss Kristina.  My kids have only been studying with her for about six months, and they have learned theory and how to read music.  She is great at finding music in the style that will inspire and engage the student.  My children have learned classical pieces, jazz, and popular music.  She even found sheet music to a video game theme song for one of her middle school students.  She is patient and has a great sense of humor which also make her a joy for parents to interact with as well."

-Jeanne Simpson

Studio City



"Kristina shares her true love of music, both as a teacher and performer, and the children are inspired by that passion in their lessons. She is encouraging when needed and pushes them to excel. My daughters have played in many recitals and student talent shows, and without fail, other parents ask me who my piano teacher is because they are so impressed with their performances. I have referred many families to Kristina over the years, and they have been equally delighted with the outcome."   

-Kelly Bock  

2nd Grade Teacher @ Laurence Middle School, Studio City


"We love Kristina! We had our daughter, who is 8yrs old, at another piano school for several months with very little results. We took her to Kristina and within the first session our daughter had learned more than in her entire months at the other place. Kristina has a gentle, encouraging way of teaching and has a great sense for a child's skill level and what kinds of songs they can handle. My daughter LOVES her and is always excited when Monday rolls around for her class."

-Courtney Watkinson

Encino, Ca



"My 9 year old daughter Quinn started lessons with Ms. Kristina about six weeks ago. I can’t speak highly enough about her teaching skills and her clear passion for music. By the end of the second lesson, Quinn was reading music and playing her first song... which was such a confidence booster to her! She looks forward to the weekly lessons and is so excited to practice everyday what she has learned. Ms. Kristina has a way with children and her teaching style is fun, patient and creative. So glad we found her!"

-Nicole Bolisay




"It was my New Year's resolutions to take piano lessons and I coincidentally found Kristina on Nextdoor just as I was looking into it. I started weekly lessons with Kristina about a month ago. She is a great teacher; warm and encouraging! I would highly recommend her to people of all ages." 

-Mary Dignan Hill 

Lake Balboa 


"Kristina is a wonderful piano teacher! I'm so thrilled that I found her through the Nextdoor app. I took piano when I was a child and was very pleased when I learned my 7 year old son wanted to start lessons. It was great to learn that Kristina teaches very near our Encino home. Kristina works so well with children and makes learning fun and easy. I was very impressed how quickly my son learned his notes and was able to actually play sheet music. Now, my 8 year old son wants to join in the fun and he starts lessons with Kristina this week. So grateful she shares her talents and time with the community. She offers a very valuable service and I whole-heartedly recommend her!"

-Steve Ledoux

Encino Park


"Miss Kristina taught both of my girls how to play music starting at the ages of 4 and 7. Her enthusiasm inspired my girls and gave them a passion for the piano. We always enjoyed their recitals and were so impressed with their progress and ability to read music. My girls are now 15 and 21 and they still love sitting at the piano playing and singing. We love Miss Kris and cannot say enough wonderful things about her. What an incredible gift she gave our girls. " 

-Ingrid Zelinger  

Studio City


"Miss Kristina is the best!! My 5 year-old started with her this past July and I am constantly amazed by what my daughter is learning (and retaining). Miss Kristina has the patience of a saint to be able to teach piano to young, energetic children. My daughter knows all her notes by name and counts rhythms while playing at the same time. We have been fortunate to hear some of her older students play and I am excited for what the future holds for my daughter!!"




"Miss Kristina’s skills are strong and intuitive. What a delight to work with her on a weekly basis! She develops strong bonds with her students and understands their unique talents and gifts. She is a relational person who brings fresh ideas, creativity, and passion to her work." 

 -Jenny Goodenough 

 Kindergarten Teacher @ Campbell Hall Elementary, Studio City


"Miss Kristina is more than a piano teacher. She is a mentor for the arts in general. I find her to be the perfect balance of discipline and joy in her methods of teaching, and inspiring my two little ones. These are not just piano lessons, they are life lessons. " 

-LeeAnn Kreischer 

 Author, Studio City


"Miss Kristina is a wonderful teacher with a combination of patience and just enough push to keep my kids progressing at a steady pace. My daughter loves her lessons and I couldn't be happier!"  

-Cathy Fromkin

Studio City


"Miss Kristina is an amazing and gifted teacher. She is sweet, kind, and very good with young children. She is encouraging and has fair expectations without being demanding. She picks interesting songs that are fun to learn and beautifully arranged, with a combination of classical and popular songs. Her style brings out the best in her students and creates a love of piano. We couldn't be happier."  

-Esra Hudson

Studio City 


"My son is 6 and has never had a piano lesson before. Kristina is a God send, within a matter of 5 weeks he is able to play on the piano and now this week is reading notes! Can't believe the amazing and Fast Progress! The best thing is that Kristina is an amazing teacher. She makes the lesson Fun and exciting. And is very patient! My son looks forward to seeing her every week!"

-Rhoda Valiluna

Woodland Hills




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